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It's time to focus on fighting breast cancer, not a color.



Instead of simply donating money to research, KitchenAid would cover the delivery fee for instacart and partner with uber to offer patients free rides to treatment.


Families of those battling breast cancer would be able to set up grocery lists themselves, enabling friends to send groceries without the guessing.


Distributing special codes through pre-existing cancer support groups allows families to retain their privacy while still receiving help.



A new cook for the cure campaign would feature color-changing print ads that would showcase what you can do everyday to support the cause. Kitchenaid products aren't just pink, they're pink with purpose.

Print Ads





A mobile optimized website would encourage people to learn about and take action against breast cancer to win rewards and coupons for exclusive pink products from KitchenAid. 


Users have the option of taking superfood quizzes, sharing healthy meals, and reading about which foods may help prevent breast cancer.

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