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Mabrouk Kbirti!

It's what moms, grandmas, and even dads say to girls when they get their period in Saudi. Literally it translates to, "Congrats! You've grown up." But that phrase really means, "you can't act or look like a kid anymore". 

Dove wanted to get parents to stop putting pressure on girls the second they get their period, so they asked us to develop a film to tackle the issue.


But because it was launching in Saudi, we couldn't say the word period. 

Oh, and it had to be all in Arabic. 

 I worked with a badass team of Arab female creatives to figure out how to answer this nearly impossible brief, coming up with a script and concept that's powerful in both Arabic and English. 

Awards - Bronze Dubai Lynx in Casting


Creative Director: Nour Deeb

Associate Creative Director - Art: Maram Ashour 

Business Director: Ishana Tolani

Senior Account Manager: Soraya Jamaa

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