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d3 is where you go to find the most creative businesses, coworking spaces, shops, art galleries, and restaurants in Dubai. And they wanted an ad campaign that showcased all of that. 


So, we honed in on the one thing that's true whether you're in an office space or coffee shop: at d3, even the most mundane things are flipped on their heads and turned into works of art. 

We had the budget for one social video. But it was able to get d3 more street cred than we could ever imagine with a little help from Shephard Fairey. 


 Featured in Campaign Middle East's Top 20 Film Campaigns of 2021

Awards - Bronze Effie


And the coolest part? Thanks to some pro crane operators and athletes with the kind of core strength I could only dream of, we were able to shoot this campaign practically. The result was a film that may induce motion sickness. 


Creative Director: Gautam Wadher

Art Director: Zane Ruyssenaers

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