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Did you know Oreo is the 6th most popular name for black-and-white pets?


It's true! So we put together a campaign featuring real shelter pets named Oreo to help find them (and even some pets not named Oreo) a home. 

Featured in AdAge, The Drum, Little Black Book, Design TaxiAdobo, Ads of the World, The Stable

Awards - Bronze Dubai Lynx in Design, Bronze Dubai Lynx in Industry Craft


We created a microsite where people could see all the pets named Oreo up for adoption

(and even some not named Oreo) and apply to adopt them directly from the rescues. 


We launched the initiative on International Homeless Animals' Day with limited-edition packaging

complete with a QR code that links to directly to the microsite, encouraging people to adopt. 


And spread the word on social, OOH and eComm sites. 

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