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AT&T wanted be known for entertainment, not phones.

So, how do you connect the two, all while getting people into the store?

Inspired by the phenomenon of set-jetting, we created an exclusive map of where iconic movie scenes were filmed that could only be unlocked in store. To kickstart this entertainment-focused experience, we looked at the San Francisco flagship store, where more than 70% of visitors are tourists. 


AD: Hannah Nabbout Favoretti

Trolley Render.png

At the entrance of the store, customers were greeted with a trolley featuring digital screens with sizzles of iconic movie scenes shot in San Francisco, and instructed to look for podiums. 

Movie Podium.png
Tablet Interface.png

At the podiums, customers could explore a map with full movie scenes based on where they were filmed in the city. But best of all, they could download the google map to explore the recreate scenes with their own phone.  

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